* Seniors in IT

This site features a unique program created and run by students at the University of Western Ontario, to help seniors develop their interest in information technology; thus networking the seniors with each other and building relationships with the dedicated students involved.



* Tsunami, Chaos, and Global Heart

This site describes the global heart emerging after the tsunami as a manifestation of chaos and complexity and proposes its use in creating change, from heart health to peace, poverty eradication and development. It invites us to rethink the world and to use chaos and complexity to make a better world.



* The Santa Fe Institute

Founded in 1984, the Santa Fe Institute is a world-renowned education and research center dedicated to understanding complex adaptive systems and addressing challenges through multidisciplinary collaborations in physical, biological, computational, and social sciences.


* New England Complex Systems Institute

A joint effort of faculty of New England academic institutions for the advancement of communication and collaboration outside of institutional and departmental boundaries, dedicated to the study of complex systems.


* Plexus Institute

An adaptive organization and global network which seeks to foster the health of individuals, families, communities, organizations and our natural environment by helping people use concepts emerging from the new science of complexity.


* Physionet

A cooperative project between Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, Boston University, McGill University, and MIT, under the National Institutes of Health. This resource, intended to stimulate current research and new investigations in the study of complex biomedical and physiologic signals, includes an on-line forum for dissemination and exchange of recorded biomedical signals and open-source software for analyzing them, tutorials, a digital recording bank and toolkit.


* Washington Center for Complex Systems and Public Policy

Conducts educational and research programs using complexity as a framework for understanding, influencing and developing better public policy.



* Harvard Medical School's Centre for Excellence in Women's Health

mission: to develop clinical, faculty development, education, and research programs around a common mission to improve the health status of diverse women across the life span.


* Dr. Eileen Hoffman

Dr Hoffman, MD is a medical educator, internist, leading specialist in women's health, health care consultant, writer, and founding member of the American College of Women's Health Physicians. She is actively involved with Plexus and research in Women's Health and complexity science. Her website is an excellent introduction to the remarkable breadth of Dr Hoffman's involvement as a founding member of this field.



* Daniel Freeland's Art Gallery

this site includes the beautiful flower image seen on the femmefractal home page, and also contains a fractal generator so you can build your very own fractal art!






For more information on what complexity is all about, pictures of fractals, how women's health emerged... please check out these links